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Specialty Financial Services

We know through our nearly 30 years of combined experience that the professionals who build and rely on a team of other professionals have the potential for a different level of success than those who do not. By helping align our clients with the right Bankers, CPAs, Attorneys, and Consultants, we are holding true to our commitment to building a Robust, Impenetrable Balance Sheet.

In Training

Medical professionals in training

This stage includes those who are in school, residency, or fellowship. Clients in this stage generally have a significant amount of debt, and they’re either paying to go to school, or they are not receiving compensation commensurate for the work that they do.

In Practice

Physicians, Dentists, and Veterinarians in practice

This stage is comprised of those who have completed their training and are now practicing in their field. Medical professionals in this stage could either be an owner or a partner in a practice, or may be employees of a larger practice.

In Transition

Medical professionals in transition

These are practice owners who desire to add associate professionals, reduce the number of hours they are currently practicing, and perhaps even at the stage where they are contemplating a sell of the practice.

Different strategies for different stages of your life


Usually people in their 20’s through 40’s are buying a house, investing in education, and increasing earnings through promotions and other career moves. Accumulation of savings and assets should be the main priority.


Usually in ages of late 30's to 40's, rapid growth in accumulation of assets begins to slow. We should now focus on paying off debt and growing investments via capital appreciation.


Now we move into the distribution phase around our early 60’s. A few years prior, it is wise to move into lower risk investments such as bonds. During this stage many begin to rely on personal assets such as savings and social security benefits.