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Exit Planning

Rather than taking a one-size fits all approach, we tailor our plans to help meet your specific business ownership objectives, whether you plan to:

  • Transfer your business to family members
  • Sell to management and /or employees
  • Sell to a third party
  • Retain ownership indefinitely

Our process begins by helping you identify your business succession objectives. We take time to explore your retirement income needs and timing, company valuation, value enhancement strategies, contingency planning, and finally your personal estate and legacy planning. We evaluate various strategies based upon your stated objectives and determine if they appear realistic. Our years of experience in working with and advising business owners provides unique perspective on common "issues" you face and more importantly solutions that work.


When choosing a financial services firm to work with your business, you should demand both knowledge and experience in business and succession planning. You need professionals who understand why you went into business, why you want to see the business continue, and what it takes to successfully own and operate a business. You need advisors that are experienced in navigating the many land mines inherent in developing a tax efficient exit strategy. Someone who understands the need to plan early and remain flexible. Not someone who "dabbles" in succession planning or worse yet assumes that a transition plan can be achieved via product placement.

At The Medicus Group we work hard to sit on the same side of the table as our clients and to understand their values and vision for the future. We are committed to service and responsiveness to any and every inquiry that arises. We pride ourselves in "same day turnaround" on any client initiated inquiry. We are consistent with this service model regardless of the size of your company or net worth.

We believe that planning for the transition of our clients' business is one of the most important financial events of their lives. By starting well in advance of your departure date and surrounding yourself with the right advisors the likelihood of success can be achievable.