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The Medicus Group Announces Referral Relationship with FundingDocs

| March 26, 2018
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It hardly needs to be said that the healthcare industry is constantly changing. In the last decade alone there has been considerable churn, caused by such diverse factors as legislation, technology, and the changing expectations of patients. Medical practitioners have a tough obligation to keep pace with these changes—and here at The Medicus Group, we’re right there with them, eager to adapt and expand in order to provide our clients with the solutions they need.

To that end, we are pleased to announce a referral relationship with FundingDocs—an experienced healthcare lending company that will allow us to serve our clients more effectively than ever before. We’d love to take just a moment to tell you more about FundingDocs.

Financial Solutions from FundingDocs

FundingDocs is a lending company that focuses solely on the needs of healthcare organizations—and that includes clients in the medical, dental, or veterinarian spaces. The team at FundingDocs understands that healthcare businesses have unique needs, special challenges, and particular funding requirements. As such, they are prepared to offer any or all of the following services:

  • Practice loans
  • Refinancing strategies
  • Working capital
  • Accounts receivable loans

The list goes on from there. The important thing to know about FundingDocs is that, in addition to their high levels of experience and professionalism, they are also adept at tailoring their services to meet each client’s needs. There’s no cookie-cutter approach with them; they want to know what your practice needs, and to individualize their solutions accordingly. In our opinion, they rank among the smartest and most efficient companies of their kind, and they make a great alternative to traditional banks and lenders.

Referring to FundingDocs

At the Medicus Group, we’ve long been in the habit of referring our clients to FundingDocs. We believe in them and we respect the services they provide; we know that they always have the right solutions for medical professionals at any stage—whether that means seeking startup capital or funding the expansion of an existing practice.

We’re thrilled to continue referring FundingDocs going forward, and we hope that our clients find this channel of financing solutions to be helpful. No matter the financial needs your practice currently faces, FundingDocs is prepared to locate the best possible way forward.

Would you like to be contacted by a FundingDocs representative? If so, email us at to request a connection.

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